Parks & Recreation



Village Code Chapter 143, Section 143-4 Park Hours:

May 1 through October 31 – DAILY 5 am through 9 pm

November 1 through April 30 – DAILY 5 am through 5 pm

It shall be unlawful to remain in or to enter into any park except as permitted by 143-4A, after 9 pm when the park closes and before 5 am when said parks opens.  The exception is Park Place Park, the Boat Launch and George Borrello Park as citizens need to walk through these areas at all hours. Specific rules that pertain to the Parks can be obtained at the Village Clerk’s


Reservations can be made by Silver Creek Residents, Not for Profit Groups only, for the Pavillion in the Ballpark. Applications can be obtained at the Village Clerk’s Office.  A $50.00 key deposit is required.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Court Keys are available at the Village Clerk’s Office.